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Despite the digital age there are still 27 MILLION business cards being printed daily!

A companies sales increase 2.5% for every 2000 business cards being handed out.

Today, 77% of Americans have a smartphone, which is 42% more than 5 years ago. But the business card is still alive today. It's a way of acknowledging professionalism, even if it gets thrown out or scanned into a smartphone. It's the act of handing out the card that matters.

The business card should be a physical extension of your business. At a minimum, each card should include:

    • Name (personal and business)
    • Job title
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Website
    • Social media sites

Don't choose cheap paper. That's the number one mistake. People judge your business on your business card. It's often their first impression of your business. If you choose low quality paper, they may assume you provide cheap quality products/services.

Let us give your business a boost by printing a high quality card at a fair price with great service provided throughout the process!

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Stats are from: creditdonkey.com